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Hannari-Ya began selling merchandise on Ebay in the Autumn of 2003 and has served thousands of customers all over the world since that time. Located in the ancient Capital of Kyoto Japan, we have the advantage of being at the very heart of Japanese culture. We are known for our broad and ever-changing range of unique Japanese items both classic and new. We take great pride in our speed, efficiency and honesty. Shipping from Japan is fast & efficient and payment can be made through PayPal. Follow the links to our Ebay Store...

Real Geisha & Maiko Shiro-Nuri Cosmetics:

We carry a full line of authentic makeup items of the same type used by professional Geiko (Geisha & Maiko) and Kabuki Actors as well as many more practical items for daily use. Hundred's of quality items! The full 12-item set below is $299.99

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Real Japanese Hinoki Wood Bath items:

Kiso Hinoki Oke Real Cypress Wood Bath Stool

Note: A new, slightly larger one is now being Designed... Will be listed soon...

Made completely in the traditional way, this high quality 'furo-Isu' or Japanese Bath Stool is made of real fragrant 'Kiso Hinoki' Cypress Wood. This is the stool which one sits on while washing outside the bath tub. These solid wooden stools are of the exact same type used at many fine Hot Spring 'Onsen' resorts all over Japan. They measures: 9½" X 6½" or 24 X 16.5 cm across the top and are 6¼" or 16 cm tall. The top is 1¼ or 3 cm thick, solid Hinoki.

US $69.99

Hinoki Bath Items Available

Our original HAND-MADE Hinoki & Sawara (Cypress Wood) bath items are custom made in the Picturesque Town of KISO in Nagano Prefecture. Beautifully made by expert craftsmen, they will last for many years. Hinoki and Sawara Cypress are waterproof and resistant to rot and give off the most wonderful fragrance when wet. The oils in the sap are said to be excellent for the skin. Perfect to bring the essence of the Japanese Bath into your home. Great for Home Spas! Traditionally, this wood was used to make the bath tub itself but these are considered an extravagant luxury now as they are extremely expensive.

Kiso Hinoki Bath Oke Real Cypress Wood Ladle

Made completely in the traditional way, this high quality 'Katate-Oke' or Japanese 'one-handed' Bath Ladle is made of real fragrant 'Kiso Sawara' Cypress Wood. This type of Oke is used for scooping water from the bath tub with one hand to pour over one's self. These solid wooden basins are of the exact same type used at many fine Hot Spring 'Onsen' resorts all over Japan. They measures: 6" or 15 cm across and are 4½" or 11.5 cm deep (9" or 23 cm tall including the handle). Solid Kiso Sawara, they are precisely fitted and bound with two real copper bands.

US $85.00

Books On Japanese Culture :


Bilingual Maiko BOOK & DVD COMBO: Nihongami No Sekai

This amazing bilingual (Japanese/English) book by renown Gion Hairstylist Tetsuo Ishihara unlocks all the mysteries of Kyoto's Maiko. It contains detailed instructions on how their hairstyles are created, how they apply their 'Oshiroi' makeup and even how they wear their kimono and Obi. For people interested in how Maiko actually do themselves up: this is a treasure! The deluxe, 10" X 10" (25.5 X 25.5 cm) 168 page hardcover signed edition has over 700 colour photos. Various sections shows how the hairstyles are created, how their makeup is applied, how they put on their Kimono and obi, various completed hairstyles, ornaments used and finally a section showing them dancing at 'Ozashiki' parties and other events in Kyoto. BEST: The International, zone-free DVD shows the master hairstylist in action, actually creating the hairstyles on Kyoto's Maiko, applying their makeup and putting on their Kimono. English subtitles.

US $250

Book: 'KYOTO HANAMACHI' All About the Geiko of Gion

This book is perfect for anyone who wishes to know how the Geiko (Maiko and Geisha) of Kyoto live. Included are the various rituals they participate in throughout the year, scenes from performances and of their life in the beautiful Hanamachi district. There are details about how they do their hair and 'Shiro-Nuri' Makeup as well as the exquisite accessories of their trade. The text is in both English and Japanese and every page contains beautiful colour photos of life in Gion. There is even a 2005 portrait of ALL of the Maiko currently operating in Gion-Kobu... This is a quality soft-cover book with 110 pages and measures: 7" X 8" or 17 X 19 cm. Photos show the cover with and without the 'Obi'.


US $29.99

BOOK & DVD 'Kitsuke To Obi-Musubi' HOW TO WEAR KIMONO

NEW: fantastic BOOK & DVD COMBO shows step by step how to wear various traditional Kimono including Furisode, Yukata, Hakama, Men's and Children's Kimono as well as how to tie most common types of Obi. There is even advice on how to fold and store Kimono. It is in Japanese but most of the 160 pages contain easy to follow illustrations. The DVD runs 83 min. and is in an 'ALL ZONE' format for viewing anywhere in the world. Learn from watching the examples by experts - even if you do not speak Japanese! This solves all the mysteries! Quality laminated soft-cover: 9 ½" X 7 ¼" (24 X 18 cm) format.

US $39.99


Nightingale Droppings are a Traditional Japanese beauty secret used by Geisha and Japanese women for centuries. They contain an enzyme which has a natural lightening effect. Its deep cleansing effect exfoliates dead skin and removes all traces of dirt, leaving your skin soft, smooth and bright. • The manufacturer (the people who package it - not the birds...) recommend using just a tiny amount with the soap when you wash your face... One container is enough for 50 - 60 applications. Nightingale droppings are Ultra Violet treated and completely free of bacteria. Ingredients: Natural Nightingale Droppings and a tiny amount of Talc. MADE IN JAPAN.

US $19.99


'Katori Senko' Mosquito Coils are an 'old standard' in Japan. Just a mere whiff brings back memories of Summers past. Used in homes for many years to repel mosquitos, they are made from safe, natural Chrysanthemum flowers. They burn for several hours and smell very pleasant - much more like incense than the effective repellant they really are. This listing on the right is for 30 coils in a classic can (basic burners included) for $19.99. The listing on the left is a set with a classic 'Buta' Pig Burner for $39.99. Each coil measures about 4" (10 CM) across. May be used indoor or out.

Coils available all year - Pig Burrner: SUMMER ONLY-

SPA SET: Uguisu Nightingale Droppings Rice Chaff Facial

This Set Contains:

1) Nightingale Droppings (26 g).

2) Rice Chaff Powder (three bags).

3) Mixing Dish and natural Japanese 'Hake' Cosmetic Brush.

To use it: 1) Steam the face with a hot towel or steamer. 2) In the dish, mix 1/3rd teaspoon of the Droppings with 1/10th of a bag of the Rice Chaff and enough water to make a paste that can be easily spread with the brush. 3) Paint it on over the entire face 4) Massage it in slowly & gently 5) Remove by Rinsing well with water. It is incredible how smooth and refreshing it feels.... Its deep cleansing effect removes dead skin and all traces of dirt, leaving your skin soft, smooth and bright. Nightingale Droppings are a Traditional Japanese beauty secret. It has been used in Geisha and Kabuki actor's makeup for centuries and contain a enzyme which has a natural lightening effect. It may be used as often as you wish but twice a week is probably often enough. This is enough about one month's normal application. A Natural beauty product - MADE IN JAPAN. US $64.99


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