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Hannari-Ya began selling merchandise on Ebay in the Autumn of 2003 and has served thousands of customers all over the world since that time. Located near the ancient Capital of Kyoto Japan, we have the advantage of being at the very heart of Japanese culture. We are known for our broad and ever-changing range of unique Japanese items both vintage and new. We take great pride in our speed, efficiency and honesty. Shipping from Japan is fast & efficient and payment can be made through PayPal. Follow the links to our Ebay Store...

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Direct From Kyoto

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Turn yourself into a Geisha!

We carry a full line of authentic makeup items of the same type used by professional Geiko (Geisha & Maiko) and Kabuki Actors as well as many more practical items for daily use. Hundred's of quality items!

Cosmetics & BeautyMaiko/GeikoProfessional Shiro-Nuri MakeupGeisha Makeup MirrorsVintage/Retro Geisha

Vintage Kimono Accessories

I grew up with kimono and this is from my personal selection series of Kimono and kitsuke accessories; items that I find to exhibit a special quality, either exceptional design, superior workmanship or just something quintessentially Japanese about them…

KimonoAccessoriesVintage Japanese BagsKanzashiGeta & ZoriTanmono Fabric BoltsTabi Socks

Japanese Cultural Items

We stock hundreds of vintage Japanese “Maiogi” dance fans, many of which came from Kyoto’s traditional dance schools and were used by their students and instructors. They were made by kyoto’s famous fan makers. “Sensu” are the smaller fans for daily use.

Maiogi Dance FansMaiogi Dance Fans-BSensu Fans

Japanese Interior Goods

From fragrant hinoki wood bath stools and basins to onsen hotel nemaki robes, we have everything for the Japanese bath. We also carry a full line of beautiful seasonal noren to bring a bit of Japan right into your home.

NorenChochin LanternsOnsen Hot Spring BathHinoki Bath GoodsAntiques


These are actually a set of two mirrors that fit together as a dust cover on their stand when not in use. They are a traditional makeup/hair styling mirror used in Japan for generations.

Vintage Kanzashi

These are traditional hair ornaments and are often a set of two: a kushi-kanzashi that looks like a comb and a kogai-kanzashi that comes apart in the center. They are made of many different types of materials including lacquered wood and “bekko" tortoise shell.

Kyodai Makeup Vanity

These are lovely little traditional makeup cases with a mirror. They are made of lacquered “kiri" paulownia wood and contain drawers for makeup. They often have ornate inlays and/or painted designs on the front.

Vintage Tomesode

Most people rent them these days much like we might rent a tuxedo but in the past, these were very costly tailor made garments. Tomesode are formal kimono worn for special occasions and are made of the finest silk with an ornate embroidered or painted design around the lower section. The also had “kamon” family crests in five places.

Featured Traditional Items

Kinchaku Bags

These are lovely traditional bags for use with kimono They come in may shapes and sizes and fabric types but always have a cord that functions as both a closure and a handle. Many have a woven bamboo bottom.

Maiogi Dance Fans

These are large, sturdy fans used for traditional Japanse dance and are made of heavy wash paper in various designs. The struts are lacquered bamboo and sometimes contain a tiny lead weight for balance.

Chochin Paper Lanterns

These are the real thing: not tourist souvenirs! They are custom made in Kyoto by skilled artisans. Most chochin are for special occasions like Kyoto’s iconic Gion Festival or for traditional geisha districts like Gion of Pontocho.

Noren Doorway Curtains

Noren are room dividers and they are normally hung in a doorway on a stick that runs through a pocket at the top. They are divided into two sections at the center. Our noren are made of hand-loomed fabric and printed by hand in various, often seasonal designs.

More Traditional Items

Kyoto Temple Incense

Kyoto is famous for its fine incense and we carry several types including four scents by Kungyokudo. Nothing evokes the image of Kyoto so much as the scent of fine temple incense!

Bochu-koh Incense for kimono

Bochu-koh is a special incense made to protect valuable kimono from insect damage. It has a wonderful, subtle scent and will not leave your kimono smelling like Moth-Balls! One box contains 10 pcs

Hinoki Bath Balls

These wooden Balls are made of real fragrant 'Kiso Hinoki' Cypress Wood. They are used to give the fragrance of Natural Hinoki wood to your bath water. They are hand-made in the picturesque village of Kiso. Sold in packs of nine balls, 

Onsen Hot Spring Nemaki

‘Nemaki’ are a kind of cotton Kimono used as sleepwear by guests at inns, hotels and hot spring resorts all over Japan. They wrap and tie with the sash at the waist like a bathrobe.

Sensu Fans

These are the smaller fans for daily use in hot weather but some are made for presentation on commemorative occasions. They come in many different styles.


Furoshiki are traditional, multi-purpose cloths that are used for carrying lunch boxes, clothing, etc. Some are made of silk but most are cotton or synthetic ‘jinken’ like rayon that mimics silk.

Zori & Geta

These are traditional footwear worn with various types of kimono and range from formal to casual, depending on the occasion. Some come is sets with matching handbags.

Hake Makeup Brushes

These are hand-made makeup brushes and come in many traditional types used for various applications including Geisha and Kabuki stage makeup. Most are made of goat hair.

Nihongami No Sekai

Bilingual Maiko Hairstylist Tetsuo Ishihara BOOK & DVD COMBO $299.99 plus shipping


2004 (out of print) Bilingual Maiko BOOK & DVD COMBO by Tetsuo Ishihara: Nihongami No Sekai - The Secret World Of Traditional Japanese Hairstyles - Perfect new condition...

This amazing bilingual (Japanese/English) book by the renown Gion Hairstylist Tetsuo Ishihara unlocks all the secrets of the world of Kyoto's famous Maiko. It contains detailed, step by step instructions on how their hairstyles are created, how they apply their 'Oshiroi' makeup and even how they put on their kimono and Obi: EVERYTHING! Up until now, this kind of information was almost impossible to find anywhere - much less all in one place…

For people who are interested in how Maiko actually do themselves up: this is a treasure! The deluxe, 10" X 10" (25.5 X 25.5 cm) 168 page hardcover book has over 700 colour photos.

The first section shows how the hairstyles are created and what is needed. The second shows exactly how their makeup is applied. Next, there is a step by step section on how they put on their Kimono and tie the famous long obi. There is then a section showing various completed hairstyles and ornaments used by the Maiko. Finally, there is a section that shows them 'at work' - dancing at 'Ozashiki' parties and major annual events in Kyoto.

BEST OF ALL: The International zone-free DVD shows the master hairstylist in action, actually creating the hairstyles on Kyoto's Maiko. It also shows exactly how they apply their white, Shiro-Nuri makeup. It is in Japanese but with English subtitles. All the mysteries unveiled in this amazing, Book and DVD combo!

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Bath Isu Stool & Oke Basin Set

Finest Quality Fragrant Hiba & Hinoki $190 plus shipping

Real Japanese Hiba Wood Bath 'Isu' Stool & Hinoki Wood 'Oke' Basin Set - hand made of natural wood in Gifu Prefecture: perfect set for home spas!

Made completely in the traditional way, this high quality set is made of the finest, fragrant Japanese wood. The 'Oke' basin is made of Hinoki Cypress Wood and the 'Isu' stool from water-resistant Hiba Wood.

• Stool: Hiba Wood - 35 X 20 X 30 (14" X 8" X 12" Tall) It is MUCH larger than the standard ones and is comfortable to sit on...
• Basin: Hinoki Wood - 22.5 X 11.5 ( 9" across X 4⅔" deep) with real copper bands.

In a traditional Japanese bath, the stool is used to sit on while washing outside the bath tub and the basin to pour water over yourself as you wash. These are hand-made for us in the picturesque Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for the production of natural wooden bath goods.

Hinoki and Hiba are water and rot resistant and give off the most wonderful fragrance when wet. The oils in the sap are said to be excellent for the skin. 

These solid wooden stools and hand-made basins are of the exact same type used at many fine Hot Spring 'Onsen' resorts all over Japan but are a much larger size. Beautifully made by expert craftsmen, they will last for many years. Perfect to bring the essence of the Japanese Bath into your home! MADE IN JAPAN!

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Professional Geisha Kabuki Makeup Set

Mitsuyoshi White Oshiroi Shiro-Nuri 14 Item Set $299.99 plus shipping

This set contains everything you need to do complete, authentic Shiro-Nuri makeup exactly as professional Geisha, Maiko and Kabuki Artists do. This 14 piece set includes all of the actual items they use:

• ISHINERI: Wax used to flatten out your real eyebrows.
• KABUKI ABURA: Foundation paste applied over the face to make the the Doran go on correctly.
• KABUKI SHIROI: Opaque white 'Doran' face paint. Diluted in water.
• KONA OSHIROI: Soft, white powder used over the Doran.
• TONOKO: Rouge used to make a soft red tint.
• Lining Colour #1: Black, Oil-Base, used for eye details.
• Lining Colour # 4C: Red, Oil-Base, used for lips and other details.
• Stage Liner: Black Eyeliner, used to draw fine eye details.
• #55 HAKE BRUSH: Used to apply the Doran
• #24 HAKE BRUSH: Used to apply the Doran in small areas.
• YACHIYO HAKE BRUSH: Used to apply Tonoko Rouge to the upper part of the face.
• BENI HAKE: Used to apply Lining Colour to lips and eye details.
• SPONGE PUFF & DISH: Used to smooth out the Doran and to remove excess water.

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